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Yale at Hale....Writing and the Arts


Yale at Hale…

Writing and the Arts



What is Yale at Hale? 

Nathan Hale teachers and students in Grades 4 and 5 collaborated with Brian Cyr and Maloney High School students to take part in Yale University’s Music in School Initiative. The program’s focus was on increasing student literacy and writing skills while using music and art in a creative way. The basis of this initiative placed students in the role of creator, writer, storyteller, illustrator, music composer, and animator. The story has an interactive component for the audience because they can choose their own ending to the story. There were many phases to this project. First, each class wrote a section of the story. Next, Brian Cyr and his team of Maloney High School students met with each class to compose the music they felt matched the mood of their part of the story. Then, a narrator from each class recorded the text associated with their storyline. After this, Mrs. Ferrazzi and Mrs. Blakeslee helped students create storyboards, scenery, and clay figures for each character. Finally, students used SAM Animation software to bring their story to life. Students gained an appreciation for the amount of work that is involved in the creation and production of an animated film.

Link to videos:  ../Content/The_Adventure_of_Room_136.asp


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