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The Adventure of Room #136 Book and Videos


The Adventure of

Room #136 


This is a Choose-Your-Own Ending Book

Follow the path and navigate through the sections you would like to read by making decisions at the end of each chapter.  

Download your own copy of the book here. 


 Setting the Scene

Written by Mrs. Chordas' 5th Grade Class

A fifth grader named Zac gets frustrated with his classmates and takes a walk down the hall to calm himself. He leans his head against the wall and notices that a brick is sticking out. As he attempts to push it back into place, a secret entranceway opens up. Did they go into the open door or did they stay back?


Do they walk through the opening or walk away from it

to the safety of their classroom? 

You decide!


Choice#1  Go Into the Open Door

Written by Mrs. Twining's 5th Grade Class 

The class enters the secret passageway. They meet a Task Master who gives them three tasks to complete. After the final task, the Task Master places an envelope on a chair to reveal their results. He explained to them that if the tasks were completed correctly they would be sent to the Rain Forest. If not, they would be stuck in the maze of hallways where anything could happen. Did they pass the tests or would they face the consequences?

Do they get the answers Right or Wrong?

You decide!

After watching this video, skip down to Choice #3 or Choice #4


Choice#2  They Stay Back

Written by Mrs. Vaughn-Marcella's 4th Grade Class

 The class decides to return to the classroom. They are very worried. Mr. Pepe confesses that during World War 1, the Navy had built a secret spot where captured enemies were hidden. A creature had been experimented on and was left locked down in the dungeon. Zac had opened up the entrance. The class had to decide which path to take next. Did they travel straight to the dungeon or go back in time to defeat the creature?


Will they travel to the dungeon and defeat the creature
or will they return to the past through the portal?
You decide!
Choose either video #5 or #6 for the end of your adventure.


Choice#3  (After Twining):  They Get the Answers Right

Written by Mrs. Burns 4th Grade Class

The students are sent to the Rain Forest where they meet up with Mr. Pepe and Mrs. Caspar vacationing. Upon seeing the students, Mr. Pepe and Mrs. Caspar are so shocked that they spit out their coconut milk. The students give Mr. Pepe and Mrs. Caspar suspension for taking a vacation without them and then lead them back to school.



Choice#4  (After Twining): 

They Get all the Answers Right

Written by Mrs. Doyon's 4th Grade Classroom

As the Riddle Master reveals a red X showing that the answers were wrong, everyone except for Zac backed away and started falling through a trap door. Zac is alone with the Riddle Master and chooses to go through door #2. He sees a big chest and finds his classmates inside. Zac hears his name being called and realizes that the whole adventure had been a dream.



Choice#5  (After Marcella):  They Travel to the Dungeon

Written by Ms. Buick's 4th Grade Class 

  The students slide into the dungeon. They see the creature and notice that he is holding Meg. The class jumps on the monster. He loses his balance, steps on a thumbtack and trips over a rat. He breaks through one of the brick walls and melts into a puddle of goo. Afterwards, the students make their way back to their classroom.


Choice#6  (After Marcella):  They Return to the Past

Written by Ms. Pavlick's 5th Grade Class 

The students enter a time portal which takes them back to 1943. They wind up in their own classroom but it looks very different. There are no computers, no smart boards, no whiteboards. Instead they see chalkboards, old wooden desks and very few decorations on the walls. They watch as soldiers fight a giant golden hawk. Zac and his classmates gather fruit and feed it to the hawk so that they can put a chain around its neck. It works!  They bring the golden hawk back through the time portal and train him to be the Protector of Nathan Hale.


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